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Our consulting team takes a hands-on approach to oversee project execution with accountability.

We are bridging physical media with the digital publishing world.

Clients leverage our software as a service solutions to manage their businesses.

Success Story I

Invogen supports launch of read-aloud eBooks in Apple’s iBookstore

Invogen helped HarperCollins Children’s Division convert over 100 children’s titles from print-ready format to electronic format within six weeks to capitalize on Apple’s 1.3 release of iBook. Invogen successfully met the aggressive timeline by working diligently with HarperCollins’ production department in gathering and organizing assets which included print-ready books and audio files.

Invogen leveraged its proprietary digital publishing tools to convert the print-ready books to EPUB3 format and merged the audio files with each eBook while ensuring each word was synchronized with the text. On June 7, 2011, Apple released version 1.3 of iBooks, which included a read-aloud feature for children’s books and featured most of the eBooks Invogen converted.

Success Story II

Invogen launches first hosted CRM solution for the Merchant Cash Advance industry

Invogen launched the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Platform to provide Merchant Cash Advance Funding companies a Customer Relationship System (CRM) to better manage its relationships with merchants, brokers and investors.

Invogen’s MCA Platform is a hosted solution to help funding companies more efficiently manage deals from lead to collection, and assist brokers with the ability to better manage its relationship with funding companies and merchants. Click here to learn more about the MCA Platform and business benefits.