Merchant Cash Advance Platform

Invogen’s Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Platform connects brokers, funding companies and merchants in the Merchant Cash Advance industry. The Invogen MCA Platform is an end-to-end system for organizing the various components of the MCA process. Invogen’s MCA Platform has two main modules: Funding Companies and Brokers.

Invogen MCA Platform offers the following benefits to MCA Funding Companies:

  • Management of all merchant cash advance deals – from prospect to offer acceptance
  • Tracking of all facets of the underwriting process – from credit verification to refinancing
  • Integration with payment processing to provide transaction updates for funded deals
  • Configurable payment thresholds and alert triggers for each funded deal
  • Reporting on portfolio’s performance
  • Tracking of commissions and fees paid to brokers and partners
  • Reports and statements for investors
  • Platform can be branded with firms’ logo and color scheme

Invogen MCA Platform offers the following benefits to MCA Brokers:

  • Single point-of-entry for all deals to be disseminated to multiple funding companies
  • Automation that reduces the need for multiple manual entry of leads
  • Ability to manage relationships with funding companies and merchants
  • Tracking of commissions to each funded deal
  • Ability to view real time statistics of all leads

Invogen has licensed this asset to a software as a service provider which created the hosted turnkey solution: MCA Suite
MCA Suite contains enhancements to our core asset and has a dedicated support team to service the merchant cash advance industry.