Technology Capabilities

Invogen primarily uses established open-source technologies and frameworks to build out enterprise applications and services.  Using technologies and frameworks well embedded in the technical community increases quality assurance and allows for a more efficient knowledge transfer to our clients.

Most of Invogen’s solutions are built on the Java or PHP platform, a proven and powerful platform with libraries and extensions that cover potentially every use case or technical need.

Open Source Development

The standard architecture for the applications that Invogen builds consists of the Spring framework as its core container, Spring MVC, in its presentation tier and Hibernate in its data tier.

The Spring Batch framework is used in situations where offline batch execution is needed. The Spring and Hibernate frameworks address the complexities and challenges of developing applications as well as providing solutions to common components and functionality usually needed in scalable and reliable applications.

To meet time to market demands, Invogen has adopted Grails framework for some of our applications.

Invogen has also used PHP-based solutions Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress and Joomla to address our clients’ implementation and cost requirements.

Mobile Application Development

Invogen specializes in Apple iOS and Google Android development.  We have designed and built many mobile applications that run on iPads, iPhones and iPods as well as Android-based phones and tablets.

The mobile applications we have built for our clients include anything from standalone consumer applications to enterprise applications that require the mobile applications to interchange data via web services with a back-end server.

Our team also has experience in developing HTML5 applications and mobile websites.

Technology Infrastructure

Invogen selects technologies that maximizes performance and reliability. Invogen leverages Amazon’s EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute) service to create virtual server instances on demand to allow for greater scalability, flexibility and efficiency.

We have developed an approach to deploy EC2 instances in minutes and implemented processes and procedures to monitor EC2 instances to maintain up time.  Our web servers includes Apache or NginX and databases include popular open source MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis and more.