eBook Conversion Services

With new eReaders and mobile devices quickly gaining adoption by the mass market, book publishers need to prepare their new content and back catalogs to support new channel demands.  Most book publishers’ back catalogs generally contain print-ready files created in Quark and InDesign because they are the generally accepted format by printers.

The process of converting current and back-catalog books from print-ready to digital eBooks that meet Apple, Amazon and Nook’s requirements is actually a straight-forward task.  Both Apple and Amazon have published specifications.  The Challenges for publishers to get the content to the eBook channels are:

  • Keeping up with Amazon, Apple and other channel partners’ specific technical requirements beyond the standard ePub specifications
  • Scaling the internal editorial and/or technology staff to perform content conversion
  • Retaining skilled resources to perform mundane and tedious tasks such as converting InDesign files to HTML
  • Finding the right partner who can deliver quality eBook products that meet Apple and Amazon’s specifications with a quick turnaround


With our experience in content conversion and working with Apple’s specifications, Invogen has converted a large percentage of the children’s picture books available on Apple’s iBookstore today.  Invogen has been converting print-ready books to eBooks for major publishers since the launch of Apple’s iPad in February 2010.

Here’s what you will need to get started.