eBook Conversion Requirements

Invogen has optimized the print-ready to eBook conversion process by utilizing its offshore facility to deliver quality eBook products for publishers.  Invogen can provide a cost-efficient solution for publishers to convert their current and back catalogs to be monetized on Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon’s Kindle and other electronic reading channels.

To convert a print-ready book into an eBook, we need the following from the information and files:

InDesign/Quark files
Any mechanicals that help define the layout of text & artwork, as well as any assets that would normally be needed for print publication.

Custom fonts
All fonts used throughout the book will need to be provided. OpenType fonts are preferred, but TrueType fonts are acceptable.

High resolution images
Please make sure any artwork used within the books is of print-ready quality. This includes any cover images, company logos, front and back matter, et al. The images can be of any standard format.

PDF of the book
A complete digital version of the book as a PDF will be needed for reference, primarily for easy distribution to individuals working on the conversion process of that book.

Physical copy of the book
A print version of the book will also be needed for reference and to determine the correct dimensions when converted to an EPUB.Meta information about the book
Please supply the new ISBN for the title along with any author information, publisher information, copyright date and other metadata related to the book.

Custom ordering (optional)
If you would like the pages of the books to be ordered in a different manner than the print edition – for example, placing the copyright in the back of the book instead of the front or adding blank filler pages – please define those upfront.

Additional material (optional)
If you have additional content that you would like to add beyond what is currently in the print version of the book – for example, advertisements or a different table of contents – please provide those as well.

Alt text (optional)
While not necessary, providing alternative text for each of your images is good to have in the event that the image does not render properly on a specific reading device. By doing so, the user will at least have an idea of what the image is about.

Invogen can also help publishers create eBooks with synchronized audio(to the exact word) to provide an interactive experience. Here’s a list of additional requirements to create audio synchronized eBooks:

Audio file of the text within the book

An audio file of the book contents being narrated. The preferred format is MPEG-4 (.m4a) but other audio formats (.mp3, .wav, etc) are acceptable.

Type of highlighting

Define the highlighting behavior for the text, whether it should highlight by word, sentence or page.