MCA Platform for: MCA Brokers

Invogen’s Merchant Cash Advance Platform for MCA Brokers:

MCA brokers are the link between merchants and funding companies.  Brokers help merchants gain access to funds by working with multiple funding companies to find the best available offer.

The Invogen MCA Platform helps brokers manage their relationships with both merchants and funding companies.  Brokers develop metrics and guidelines for working with different funding companies. They then use this information to send specific merchants to the appropriate funding company as potential candidates for funding.  Because the MCA Broker Module is integrated with the Funding Module, the Invogen MCA Platform allows brokers the ability to see both their merchants’ applications during the underwriting process and status during the repayment process.

The Invogen MCA Platform enables brokers to track their business relationships in one centralized location and thus automate some of the steps in the MCA process.  With the Invogen MCA Platform, brokers can input the details of a merchant application once and then disseminate the application to various funding companies. In this way, brokers avoid the need to manually recreate an application multiple times. Brokers can also view the status of each merchant application.